6280HD Accessory Kit

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The 5174 Accessory Kit is included with the purchase of the 6280HD Walk-behind scraper.  This kit can also be purchased separately and includes the following items:

6285-BU: 90 degree, 8cm x 30cm self-scoring bevel up

6265-BD:90 degree, 8cm x 20cm self-scoring, bevel down

6276-BU: 45 degree, 8cm x 25cm self-scoring, bevel up

7050-200: 8cm x 15cm premium blade

7050-202: 8cm x 25cm premium blade

7050-203: 8cm x 30cm premium blade

7050-204: 8cm x 36cm premium blade

7280-12: 30cm cutting head

7280-2c: 30-degree angle attachment

402276: 9-degree anfle attachment

7280-4: retainer cap assembly

7280-6: 15cm cutting head

7281-1: 2.5cm x 15cm angle shank w/carbide shank