Ride-on Scrapers

6700 Ride-on Scraper

6700 Ride-on Scraper

The 6700 is an electric Ride-on floor scraper specifically designed with faster speeds in mind.   Width: 62.2 cm Height: 127 cm Length: 160 cm Weight: 1091 kg Removable Weight:84 kg Weight (machine only):1007 kg Speed:up to 61...
4230 Ride-on Scraper

4230 Ride-on Scraper

The 4230 is an electric Ride-on floor scraper specifically designed for our European customers.  With no belts or gears, this scraper boasts low maintenance costs while maximizing production, maneuverability, and ease of transportation. Width: 62...
8000 Ride-on Scraper


The 8000 propane, ride-on scraper offers speed, power, and precision thanks to National's patented carbide angle-shank technology and dual-lift hydraulic slide plates.  Consistent torque sets the operational standard for high removal rates, and each...
7700 Ride-on Scraper


Powered by 12 200-amp hour batteries that exceed the industry standard, this machine is everything you need it to be. Bigger, heavier, and faster than the 5700, it is designed to remove difficult material and built to operate on almost any jobsite...
5700DL Ride-on Scraper

5700DL-EUR Ride-on Scraper

The 5700DL has the same great features as our 5700 including; twelve AGM 180-amp hour batteries, compact design, and hydraulic steering.  The DL feature adds a dual-lift to the front of the machine, enabling the operator to make infinite adjustments...
5625DL Ride-on Scraper

5625DL-EUR Ride-on Scraper

The 5625DL Ride-on Scraper is a compact propane unit designed to power through commercial and industrial removal work.  The DL model of this scraper offers operators the ability to make infinite adjustments of the blade angle and pitch without...
Ride-on floor scraper for removal of ceramic tile, hardwood, VCT, carpet and more.

5000DL-EUR Ride-on Scraper

The 5000DL is a compact, ride-on floor scraper.  Featuring the same technology as our patented line of scrapers, this machine is designed with a low-profile frame that increases ease of transport and maneuverability on the job. Power Supply: Battery...


The Viking™ is the largest in our patented line of Ride-on Scrapers. This machine is the ideal solution for roadways, bridgedecks, airport runways, parking structures, sport flooring and more. Designed with innovative features to ensure precision...
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